Daytona Overview

The Daytona Coupe was built by Carroll Shelby to provide an aerodynamic body for the Cobra chassis. Most championship races were held on high speed tracks, where the brick-like aerodynamics of the Cobra was a huge disadvantage. Only six examples of the Daytona Coupe were constructed, making it one the rarest and most sought after vehicles in the world today.

The Cobra Kits Daytona Coupe is another of our hand crafted vehicles, also manufactured locally on the Gold Coast. We put the same focus on quality & customer satisfaction that goes into our Cobra’s.

The Daytona Coupe is perfect for someone looking for a serious performance coupe with ageless styling. It’s also a great option for someone looking for a roofed alternative to a Cobra. With the added comfort of air-conditioning and permanent roof, the Daytona is comfortable in all conditions. The Daytona Coupe also has the advantage of being able to house a half or full roll cage without compromising it’s look & styling. This, combined with the tilt-front & improved aerodynamics, makes for a perfect track day vehicle. And if you are after exclusivity, the Daytona Coupe provides this in bucket loads as there are very few of these unique vehicles on our roads.

Ease of Build

The Daytona Coupe enjoys the same ease of build we have attained with our Cobra replicas. Just like our Cobra, it’s also supplied as a complete, assembled body & chassis unit with all the mounting points for suspension, engine, transmission, steering, seat belts, brake components, clutch components, handbrake, windscreen etc. We also realise that supplying a build manual is only the start of supporting our Daytona customers ongoing build requirements; we provide both phone, email & face-to-face support, all with extended business hours (inc. Sat mornings). See About US –Contact for further information.

Our Advantages

Our Daytona Coupe replicas set the benchmark by providing:

  • Monocoque body & chassis unit providing both light weight and outstanding handling dynamics.
  • Track tested chassis.
  • A body shape faithful in reproducing the look and feel of a Daytona Coupe.
  • A variety of engine choices.
  • Also a wide variety of rear-end options to cater for every requirement including deep offset pin drive wheels.
  • No compromise suspension featuring a fabricated ‘A’ arm assembly, adjustable coil over shocks (front & rear), all resulting in the correct steering geometry, superior handling dynamics and a ride height for every occasion.
  • Full roll cage as standard.
  • Unmatched after sales support and club participation.
  • Unsurpassed ease of build.
  • Full roll-cage as standard fitment.

Chassis Kits

We can supply a Daytona that is built to any stage of completion required by the customer. This can be just a basic body/chassis unit, rolling body/chassis or virtually a complete vehicle. At any time during the build you can return your Daytona to us to perform work. We are also happy to work on your vehicle after it has been registered.

Daytona Chassis Kit

Our basic Daytona Chassis Kit includes:

  • Body fully assembled to the chassis, all doors, front clip & rear hatch, mounted, hinged & aligned. Fuel recess & inner panels are also fitted at the factory.
  • Fibreglass dash moulding
  • Windscreen
  • Rear acrylic window
  • Rear Wing
  • 2 x Front Air Duct mouldings
  • Build Manual
  • Daytona Rolling Chassis Kit

Daytona Rolling Chassis Kit includes all the parts from the basic kit, plus all the suspension, brake components, steering & rear-end. All fitted & functional. Detailed list of fitted parts (also includes all mounting bolts used for fitment):

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